December 2017

HPD selects Haven Green development proposal and designates the joint venture partnership of Riseboro, Habitat NYC, and Pennrose (collectively the “Development Team”).

Spring – Summer 2018

Development team refines and initiates the Haven Green community engagement and outreach plan.

Spring – Winter 2018

Haven Green files a Pre-Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (“ULURP”) application with the Department of City Planning, who review and evaluate the development’s land use and environmental actions.

Spring 2018

The Development Team provides an introductory presentation of Haven Green before Manhattan Community Board 2 (“CB2”) during a dedicated public meeting of its “Elizabeth Street Garden Working Group.”

Fall 2018

Three public, participatory design meetings led by Paul Castrucci Architects held to inform the design and eventual programming of the newly constructed publicly accessible open spaces.

Public Participatory Design Process Report found here.

Winter 2018 – Spring 2019

Haven Green certifies into ULURP with DCP and begins the public review process according to New York City Charter.

Winter 2018

CB2 review and recommendation period led by “Elizabeth Street Garden Working Group.”

Vote: Advisory disapproval of the project passed in split decision with 30 Board members in favor; seven Board members in opposition and four abstentions.

Spring 2019

Manhattan Borough President review and recommendation period. MBP Gale Brewer publishes support of the project with recommendations.

Spring 2019

City Planning Commission public review and votes unanimously in support with one abstention.

Spring 2019

City Council public review and votes unanimously in support of the project with one abstention on citywide policy grounds.

Summer 2019

Mayor approves project and Uniform Land Use Review Process completed.

Fall 2019 – Winter 2021

Written and Oral Arguments followed by judicial decision in litigation brought by storage leaseholder and opponents to Haven Green (delayed due to COVID-19).

Spring 2021 – Summer 2023

Development Team partners with experienced community-based and city-wide workforce development agencies to create connections between New York City residents and employers within the area to meet hiring needs and support, develop and train qualified candidates for future Haven Green construction, building maintenance, retail and MWBE job opportunities.

Winter 2021 – Winter 2023

The Development team closes financing Haven Green closes on financing (est. December 2021), breaks ground and constructs Haven Green with an anticipated 24-month construction period.

Summer 2024

Anticipated start of lease up of Haven Green apartments and retail spaces.

Summer 2024

Anticipated grand opening of Haven Green building and public spaces, and commencement of ongoing delivery of high-quality services to members of the community by Habitat NYC, SAGE NYC and RiseBoro!