Who will live in the new development?

Low-income seniors, with services available for LGBTQ seniors.


How can I get one of the new apartments?

Applications for the apartments at Haven Green will be open to individuals aged 62 and over and their families who meet the low-income requirements. Starting about a year into construction, applications will be available on NY Housing Connect to enter the lottery for the building. You will also be able to submit a paper application, and the development team will provide multi-lingual services to assist interested parties in filling out and submitting the application.


How affordable will the apartments be?

All units are affordable to individuals or families with incomes at or below 60% AMI and are 100% affordable. AMI, or Area Median Income, is a statistic generated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for purposes of determining the eligibility of applicants for certain federal housing programs. HUD determines AMI on an annual basis for each metropolitan area and non-metropolitan county, making adjustments for household size and other factors. (Example: In 2017, the New York City 60% AMI for a family of four was $57,240.)


Will there be services available for the tenants and community offered out of the new building?

Yes.  Habitat NYC and SAGE will offer their full host of services out of the ground floor of the building.  The tenants will also enjoy access to other senior services provided by RiseBoro and SAGE.


How I can I learn more about this project?

You can contact us on this page, or attend a Participatory Design event.


How can I be involved in the future?

First, there will be a participatory garden design process that will welcome community residents and garden users. Here you can share your stories from the old garden and your hopes for the future garden. Your feedback will be incorporated into the eventual design of the new garden. After the garden is designed and reopened, there will be a host of programs and events that will be available to the public and your involvement is encouraged! There will also be an opportunity for community members to contribute to the stewardship of this publicly accessible space.


Why are you building on a garden?

HPD received and embraced community response to plans for the site. In understanding its significance to the neighborhood, HPD issued a competitive request for proposals that would balance the dire need for affordable housing with the legitimate desire for open space. There are very few City sites in Community Board 2, and even fewer that are feasible for housing development because of their size or their current use. More importantly, over the past decade, only 70 new affordable units have been developed in the neighborhood. After evaluating numerous submissions, the City selected Haven Green. Our team felt that submitting a proposal would be the best way to ensure that the garden site was developed in line with the community’s needs and desires. The majority of new developments in lower Manhattan have been market rate and there has been a city-wide loss of rent-stabilized units. We share the city’s mission to meet the growing need for affordable housing for seniors and services for the LGBTQ community.


What will happen to the current green space?

The current site design preserves more than 8,000 square feet of publicly accessible open space. Though the garden will be closed during the course of construction, the garden will be reopened when construction is complete. The development team is committed to including the garden community in the landscape design and the programming of the new garden space. We hope that the new space will welcome the same variety of activities as the current space, plus more.


Who will maintain the future open space?

The garden will be stewarded by Habitat NYC and RiseBoro. Habitat’s A Brush with Kindness and RiseBoro’s Bushwick Cooks will welcome and cultivate community participation in the planting, gardening, stewardship, and decoration of the garden. Habitat and RiseBoro will work with Community Stakeholders to develop a group to support community stewardship of this space. RiseBoro Community Partnership will be managing the property and will handle any other general maintenance tasks that are needed on the grounds, such as trash and snow removal.


Will there be public programming offered/hosted in the future open space?

Yes. Though this programming has not yet been decided upon, the development team is committed to a garden space that can fill this role. If you currently operate or attend public events or programs at the garden, we want to hear from you! The ideal outcome is that current programs and amenities can be preserved or replicated, and enhanced.


Will there be regular open hours of the future open space? Will it be open on weekends?

Currently the public access to the space is limited. The Haven Green Team is committed to increasing the number of hours where Public access will be welcomed. Community members are encouraged to share feedback on ideal operating hours for the garden.


Will there be commercial space in the new development?

Yes. On the ground floor there will be a few commercial spaces, as well as the headquarters for Habitat NYC. Part of Habitat NYC’s space will serve as a community facility for public meetings and for the collaboration of non-profits in the neighborhood.


What kinds of commercial uses/stores will there be?

We have not determined the sizes of the commercial spaces or the tenants yet but we recognize the importance of selecting tenants who contribute to the fabric and stabilization of the neighborhood.



What is the time line for the project?

Public discussions with various community groups are in progress, and a public meeting with Community Board 2 will commence in the summer of 2018. Engagement with the participatory design process with the community will take place in the fall 2018.

The planning and pre-development stages are on-going. Once the project is certified, the ULURP process will commence.

For a complete timeline, click here.