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Dec 4, 2018 Gothamist – Plan To Turn Elizabeth Street Garden Into Affordable Housing Moves Forward Plan To Turn Elizabeth Street Garden Into Affordable Housing Moves Forward BY CARL BOISROND IN NEWS… Read More
Dec 3, 2018 ANHD – Affordable Housing is the Right Use for the Elizabeth Street Garden Site By: Benjamin Dulchin December 3, 2018 Community Board 2 in Manhattan will hold a hearing this… Read More
Nov 20, 2018 Participatory Design Results In the summer and fall of 2018, the Haven Green Development team led a participatory design… Read More
Nov 19, 2018 There is No Alternative Pennrose LLC, RiseBoro Community Partnership and Habitat for Humanity New York City The city and the… Read More
Sep 17, 2018 Third Participatory Design Meeting, Sept. 24 Join us in the imagining of Haven Green! This public meeting will focus on the future… Read More
Aug 7, 2018 Public Participatory Design Meetings – Sept. 5 and 15 JOIN US IN IMAGINING THE FUTURE OF THIS SITE! This public meeting will focus on the… Read More
Jul 10, 2018 Lower Manhattan Gardens Walking Tour Lower Manhattan has a rich history of community gardens and open spaces.  The upcoming participatory design… Read More
Jul 2, 2018 The Lo-Down: Opinion: Elizabeth Street Garden Should Be Used For Affordable Housing This article was published in October of 2015. A few blocks to the west of our… Read More
Jun 21, 2018 City Limits – Let’s Stop the Zero-Sum Debate Pitting Open Space vs. Affordable Housing As New York City grapples with the challenges of fitting a growing population into its finite… Read More
Jun 19, 2018 Community Board Meeting – 32 Waverly Place, Room 207, 6:30 pm On Monday, June 25 at the NYU Silver Building, 32 Waverly Place at 6:30 PM (6… Read More