Lower Manhattan Gardens Walking Tour

Lower Manhattan has a rich history of community gardens and open spaces.  The upcoming participatory design process for Haven Green will include community input in the imagining of the open space at the Haven Green site. We hope that the community will join us in drawing inspiration from these current community gardens and open spaces as we design the future of Haven Green.

The gardens and public spaces shown on this walking tour map are diverse in orientation, size and character – each space is very much a reflection of the spirit and vision of the individuals and communities that tend to them.

Saturday, July 14th offers a unique opportunity in the form of Open Garden NYC.  During this event, a number of the gardens on this map will be explicitly open to the public.  While this self-guided walking tour can be taken at your leisure (see posted hours for each garden on the map), the Open Garden NYC event represents an opportunity to gain open access to the tour gardens and their gardeners.

Open Garden NYC is scheduled for 11 AM to 3 PM on 7/14/2018.  More event details can be found here.

We hope that you – like us – will walk away from this walking tour excited about the potential of the open space at Haven Green.  We look forward to hearing your ideas for the open space at our public design meetings in the fall!